A gold fintech. A Gold app.

The new way to own gold.

We’re on a mission to be the #1 gold investment product - accessible, easy & convenient.

How? We combine cutting-edge mobile technology, a modern catalyst to economic growth, with gold, the time-tested wealth asset, to deliver an easy, turnkey gold ownership service.

Introducing the Gold app.
Gold is going mobile.

Precious metals investment via the Troy Gold App, available on the iOS and Play stores now!

Our Story.

Troy Gold’s story begins with two brothers from Africa, who got the chance to study finance in the Big Apple.

Around the time of the Great Financial Crisis, they witnessed firsthand the public riots against Wall Street’s bank bailouts and the many televised debates on government stimulus packages (read: wholesale money printing).

Growing up, however, they were instilled with the principles of free-market economics and the virtues of sound money- reading the likes of Mises, Hayek and Rothbard.

These experiences and having seen both the wealth erosion and societal ills that money printing brought to their native surroundings, set them on a mission to change it.

After brief stints in investment banking, they set out on a journey into gold. They created a successful gold mining business in the goldfields of South Africa; learning about the metal from rockface to market.

In 2018, they launched Troy Gold – to bring back the power of gold for all.


Bastiat Viljoen
Dane Viljoen
Kyle Tee
Heinrich Teitge
Nicole Engelbrecht


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