Real Gold

In your pocket.

Save directly in physical gold. Conveniently Instantly Securely from the palm of your hand.

Troy Gold is a gold fintech company that rethinks the way we invest in gold.

In a digital age, gold investment should be convenient, safe, accessible, affordable and most of all, mobile. You can now buy and sell physical gold bullion bars and coins via the Troy Gold app – hassle and risk free. Have it stored and insured in the world’s safest vaults, or sent to you anywhere at the touch of a button – the new way to invest in gold.

The power of gold.

In an app.

Buying real, physical gold has never been easier. Using the Troy Gold mobile app, you can buy and sell investment-grade gold coins (Krugerrands) and bars at the press of a button.

Troy Gold offers a highly secure pick-up and vaulting service for your gold currently held at home. Allowing safety and liquidity on our platform for your existing gold holdings.

Coming soon. Maintain ownership of your gold whilst enjoying liquidity at the same time. With Troy, you can access loans at ultra-low interest rates using your gold as collateral.

Pay anyone in actual gold by simply entering the value of your payment, entering their mobile number or scanning their unique Troy QR code. It’s instant and free.

Troy Gold offers physical gold bullion. Allocated and segregated with full, direct legal ownership.

Troy Gold’s technology allows for full co-ownership in gold coins or bars. Now anyone can own gold – no matter the amount.

Pay with bank transfer, card or sign up for monthly scheduled payments.

Multiple payment methods offer you the flexibility to choose.

Private and secure.

Troy Gold App is designed to ensure that only you can use it. All the advanced security technologies you’ve come to accept as the norm – TouchID, personal pin, automatic session logout.

No cash liquidity?
Think again.

Make your gold work for you.

Keep owning your gold whilst taking out a loan against it for times when cash is needed.

Remove the risk of holding gold at home.

Upload your gold to Troy’s platform instead.

Troy’s armoured vehicle upload service collects your Krugerrands from your location of choice, and under insured, secure transfer, delivers them to the gold vault for safe storage. From the moment you scan your unique encrypted collection code, the value of your gold will be accessible from your Troy Gold App.

Choose to have your gold vaulted and insured on your behalf, or request to have it delivered to you.

Request a gold redemption and we’ll happily have your gold sent securely to you.

Our Colabs

To ensure trustworthiness, we’re using the best in the gold business.

Real people said this


South Africa

“Troy Gold will be the Standard of Modern Day Banking.”


United States

“Moving into hard assets in uncertain times makes a huge amount of sense. Troy makes buying coin effortless.”


United States

“Cool app, very similar to Robin Hood, except to buy actual Gold.”


South Africa

“Great app if you want to invest in Krugerrand.”


South Africa

“Slick, neat looking and very easy not only to transact in, but also understand.”



“Easiest way to make money.”

Receive monthly ownership statements.

You will receive monthly statements indicating which serial numbered bar or coin is yours. 

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