Buy physical gold bullion.

Buy and sell investment grade gold bullion in the form of 1 ounce Krugerrand coins and 1 kilogram refined gold bars with the Troy Gold App.

We believe gold investment should be quick and convenient – akin to the user experiences of modern tech applications. We now administer our lives almost entirely using our mobile phones.

Gold, however, has been the greatest wealth preservation asset for centuries. Physical gold investments continue to be the safe haven asset of choice for investors looking to safeguard their hard-earned savings from inflation and other geo-political risks.

We developed the Troy Gold App as the mobile medium through which you can buy and sell investment grade gold – combining the gold investment market with the mobile, smartphone-enabled lifestyles of today.

These coins and bars are uniquely identified with serial numbers and are stored in segregated, allocated vaulting space within the world’s safest precious metals vaults in Singapore and South Africa, by our vaulting partners, Brinks Global.

There are no minimum investments, as our technology caters for co-ownership in these bars and coins. So whether you own full or partial bars or coins, you enjoy full ownership privileges under law – no counterparty risk, YOU are the legal owner.

You’ll also receive the requisite financial documentation; an invoice for each transaction, along with a monthly ownership statement, transaction history and a yearly statement of gains and losses for tax reporting purposes.

Borrow coming soon. Get a cash loan against your gold.​

You will be able to access a loan to roughly 75 percent of the value of your gold holdings, which acts as collateral to the loan.

Among gold dissidents, the reputation of the ‘barbarous relic’ of a yellow metal with no yield bearing capacity is about to change. Troy Gold brings you liquidity and an ability to earn a yield on your gold holdings.

This feature allows you to enjoy cash liquidity in times when it’s needed, without relinquishing ownership of your gold – leaving you free to enjoy the benefits of the value of your gold, whilst maintaining the upside capital growth benefits of owning it.

Loan contracts will range in length from 1, 3, 6 and 12 month contracts. Interest rates will be well below commercial or personal unsecured credit rates.

Upload your existing Krugerrands onto the Troy platform.​

Remove the risk of home-storage by uploading your gold to Troy’s secure gold platform and maintain your real, physical gold ownership - but with added security, liquidity and convenience.

Using the in-app Upload feature, you can now schedule Troy’s armoured vehicle courier service to collect your Krugerrands from your location of choice, and under insured, secure transfer, delivers them to safe storage to the vault.

The value of your Krugerrands will be accessible from your Troy Gold app.

Free gold-to-gold payments between Troy Pay app users.

The Troy Pay feature allows users to accept direct payment in gold, without exposure to fiat currency counterparty risk and volatility.

The Troy Gold App’s built-in TroyPay function, allows you to transfer gold to any other registered user on the Troy Gold platform, all done instantly and freely from your mobile phone.

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